At Northside there's a stage available for artists and thought-leaders at all different points in their creative life-cycle.

What started as a pipedream in 2009 by booking hundreds of emerging bands we loved has grown into an annual adventure of discovery that now includes innovators, creators and filmmakers.



What is Northside?

Now in its seventh year, Northside is a discovery festival founded by Northside Media Group, taking place in North Brooklyn. Programming is broken into three major components over the course of a week: Music, Innovation and Film.  

When is Northside? 
The Film portion kicks things off on June 8-10, Innovation swings into action on June 11-12, and Music carries us out on June 11-14.

Where is Northside?

Northside takes place in pretty much every venue, concert space and screening room in the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods of Brooklyn, which makes bopping/walking/running/biking around from event to event nice and easy, at least by New York standards. That's by design. At the hub of the action is McCarren Park, our festival headquarters. Here you'll pick up your badge/wristband (more on that later), check out free shows, browse the Innovation Expo, drink some complimentary beverages, and take a few choice Instagram pics. For a running list of all other locations involved, visit the venue locations page. 

What's the point? 
To find your new favorite band, then see your all-time favorite band play down the block. To avoid having to go to a giant field and forego showers to immerse yourself in live music. To hear about the cutting edge of technology and design by those forgetting old ways and forging new paths. To encourage yourself to think outside of the box. To connect to a film from a scrappy upcoming filmmaker who hasn't been bankrolled by a major movie studio. To shine a spotlight on the crazy talented artists making art, music and films right in your backyard. To hang out in the coolest city in the world. To soak up Brooklyn.      

How do I attend this incredibly exciting festival that promises to be the best week of my summer?

What a good question, friend. There are a couple different ways to attend. The best and most convenient route is to buy a festival badge. There are four different types of badges to chose from: Music, Film, Innovation and Premium. (Hang tight. More info on each type in the next question). For the Music and Film portions of the festival, you also have the option to buy tickets to an individual show or screening through that show's respective venue. (That option is not available for Innovation events, however.) The free shows at McCarren Park are open to the public. To attend those, a RSVP is required for admission unless you have a Music or Premium badge. Then you can flash that at the door and roll in like a baller. Film and Innovation badge-holders must still RSVP to be granted entry to the free shows at McCarren.


I’m considering buying a Northside badge because, for real, it all seems pretty awesome, but I’m a little unclear about what exactly the badge will get me.

Technically, that’s not a question, but we see where you’re coming from. Let’s start from the top: There are four types of badges: A Music badge, an Innovation badge, a Film badge and a Premium badge. A Music badge will grant you access to every Northside Music show taking place during the festival on a first-come, first-served basis. An Innovation Badge will grant you access to every Innovation panel and event taking place during the festival on a first-come, first-served basis. A Film Badge will grant you access to every screening and film event taking place during the festival on a first-come, first-served basis (Do you see the pattern here?). And finally, a Premium Badge will grant you access to every music show, Innovation panel and film screening taking place during the festival on a first-come, first-served basis. As a Northside badge-holder, you’ll be eligible for discounts at our local bar and restaurant partners. And you’ll have access to exclusive parties, happy hours and events throughout the festival. Info on those discounts and special events will be provided in the Festival Program Guide that you’ll receive when you pick up your badge.

Whoa, whoa, what’s up with this “first-come, first served” business? Am I going to be able to get into anything with a badge?

The number of reserved spots for badges is relative to the size of the venue, so the number of badges allowed into each event varies. We realize how much it sucks to spend money on a badge and be turned away at the door, but it’s important to realize that admission is not guaranteed. So if there’s a music show, or film, or panel that you really, really want to see, you’ll want to either get there early or consider buying an individual ticket (available at the venue’s website). But even if you don’t, we’re confident that you’ll be able to see a ton of great shows, screenings and talks armed with nothing more than your very affordable badge. Music venues do honor a one-in, one-out policy, meaning if a badge-holder leaves at any point during a show and there’s another badge-holder waiting to get inside, they’ll be able to enter at that time.

Will tickets be sold to individual shows and film screenings?

Tickets for Northside Music and Northside Film events will be sold at the door the day of, and a number of events will have tickets on sale in advance. Once we begin announcing the lineup, you'll be able to check the Bands and Films pages for ticket links. (If you don’t see a "buy ticket" button next to a particular band or film, then it’s safe to assume tickets will be sold at the door the day of that show or film.) 

So can I just buy a ticket for one or two Innovation panels?

Tickets to individual Innovation events are not sold. But, hey, think of all the learning, networking and a-ha moments to be had by attending multiple Innovation panels, events and workshops. 

I’m 17-years-old and have impeccable taste in music. Can I buy a badge?

Yes! But! Tickets to a lot of Northside Music events are at 21+ venues, and we want to be up front about that. Even if you have a Music or Premium badge, if you’re underage, you won’t be allowed into certain venues. (It's the law.) That said, the outdoor shows at McCarren Park are all ages, as are a handful of others. Bring the kiddos. There are also a few music venues that are 16+ or 18+. All Film and Innovation venues are all ages.  

What's the deal with wristbands? Are those the same as badges? My friend's cousin's girlfriend got a wristband somehow. THIS IS SO CONFUSING.

Members of every band playing Northside receives a complimentary wristband to grant them access to shows, just as a Music badge would. It's our small way of saying thanks for being awesome. If you're not in a band playing Northside, you're probably still awesome. That's what the badges and tickets are for. 

Ok, I bought my badge. Now what? Is the emailed confirmation I received all I need to attend events, or do I need to pick up a physical badge somewhere?

Cool on buying a badge. We're excited to have you! Before attending any event, you need to trade in that email confirmation for your physical badge. Print out the email you received after purchasing or download the Eventbrite app on your trusty phone. Bring the printed out PDF confirmation or your phone to Festival Headquarters in McCarren Park, at the corner of Bedford Avenue and North 12th Street (right across the street from the McCarren Hotel & Pool at 160 North 12th Street 11249, for you GPSers). Depending on the type of badge you purchased, badge pickup hours may vary, so check it:

Northside Film + Premium Badge Pickup Hours of Operation (at Nitehawk Cinema):

Monday, June 8: 4pm-10pm

Tuesday, June 9:  4pm-10pm

Wednesday, June 10 4pm-7pm


Northside Music + Premium Badge Pickup Hours of Operation (at McCarren Park):

Thursday, June 11: 8am-10pm

Friday, June 12: 8am-10pm

Saturday, June 13: noon-8pm

Sunday, June 14: noon-5pm


Northside Innovation + Premium Badge Pickup Hours of Operation (at McCarren Park):

Thursday, June: 11 8am-10pm

Friday, June 12: 8am-10pm

You know that order confirmation you received after purchasing your badge? All these details are on that email for reference. 

What else do I need to know about picking up my badge?

To redeem your badge each individual badge-holder must bring a photo ID. Badges are nontransferable. This means that each badge will belong to one individual, and you will be asked to show ID at all venues to confirm the badge you are using is yours. You can change the name on your order before picking up your badge, so if one person from your group of friends/family ordered for everybody, you can make sure everyone's set. Change the name on a badge via Eventbrite's help center.

I see no emailed confirmation after ordering a badge, AHHH!

Deep breath, we'll make it through this together. If for some reason you don't see a confirmation in your inbox within 24 hours of purchase, check your spam folder; it might be hiding. If you're still coming up empty handed, click here to access the Eventbrite help center.



Can my band play Northside? We do this sort of Animal Collective-meets-Vampire Weekend thing, but we’re still totally original.

Yes, maybe. Thing is, the large majority of Northside shows aren’t actually booked by us. While we take care of a large swath of shows, we’ve handed the reins over to our favorite industry folks to curate pretty much everything else, allowing them to handpick the bands who play their respective showcases. With that said, it may be worth trying to reach out to some of them and ask if you could play their show if you think you’d be a good fit. Friendly tip: Familiarize yourself with what type of bands they might book before doing so, and don’t annoy them with a million emails and phone calls. Of course, a much simpler way to try to play Northside is to apply through Sonicbids.

I represent a record label/blog/record store/some entity related to music. Can I put together a showcase for Northside?

It’s definitely possible, especially if you swear to get a Buddy Holly's hologram to play. Though we hesitate to make any promises, seeing as there are only so many venues in Williamsburg/Greenpoint and we already have a lot of wonderful showcase presenters on board, feel free to shoot an email to info@northsidemediagroup.com, and we’ll see what we can do. If not this year, there's always next.

Can I submit my film to the Northside Film Competition? 

For sure. We'd love that! We're looking for work that has been independently produced after January 2014. You can submit your film online (and view additional guidelines) here. By submitting your film you are officially entered into the Northside Film Competition. Past entrants have had their films seen by indie film moguls like Parker Posey, Rosie Perez, Ted Hope, Matthew Grady (Factory 25), Joana Vicente (IFP), Kentuckey Audler (NoBudge), Alex Karpovsky (GIRLS), and more.

Worth noting, Northside Film winners receive $5,000 value in cash and prizes including special screening event hosted by Northside Festival. That's pretty rad.

What kinds of films does Northside screen?

Northside Film wants to showcase the best of what independent filmmakers and storytellers are actually making. To this end, we've expanded our programming categories to include: Features (fiction and documentary), Shorts (fiction, documentary, experimental), Music Videos, and Episodic (webseries, pilots).

I’m super cool, have good taste, and am intimately familiar with the music venues of north Brooklyn; also, I am not a jerk. That said, are you guys looking for volunteers to work at Northside?

Yes! We are! Thank you for asking! You’re definitely one of our favorite people ever. Click here for our volunteer application and to recieve more information. You’ll get a free badge for helping us out, what what.

I am an esteemed member of the press and would like more than anything in the world to cover Northside for my magazine/newspaper/blog/social networking site of the future. Are press passes available?

Ohhh, that would be great. Thank you! Head here for our 2015 press application.

I'm dying to sponsor the festival and/or advertise in the Festival Program Guide. Can we talk?  

We most certainly can! Email Dana Keith at dana@northsidemediagroup.com.



I don’t get it. Northside? That doesn’t even make sense. Why would you name a festival after a car service company?

Because it takes place in the north side of Brooklyn. And we forgot that a company called Northside Car Service existed when we came up with the name.

Still confused about something?  

It happens to the best of us. Shoot an email to info@northsidemediagroup.com, and we'll lend a helping hand.