Ready for the experience of a lifetime? imre & Northside are thrilled to bring together creative experts, marketing leaders and brands in this series of experiences where you'll taste, touch and explore. Visit anytime during the 3-hour session from 3 pm - 6 pm on June 7 at the Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Avenue) for an engaging, hands-on exploration of new frontiers in marketing.

Experiences include: 

Earnest marketing is what purpose-driven brands DO

WWEBD? (what would earnest brands do?) Take our interactive polling booth quiz to experience first-hand how an earnest brand would behave in a variety of common marketing scenarios. Get your score, see how it compares to others and learn how best-in-class brands do it.

Enhanced reality as a healing experience

Experience ER’s healing power in our escape pod while exploring the ways brands have used digitally-enabled experiences to promote healing and wellness with empathy.

The recipe for surround sound storytelling

Lessons through mixology, this libation-based PepsiCo case study features the ingredients and layers of a modern content campaign. Learn how to concoct your own.

Advertising on the Blockchain:

See a physical manifestation of your data coming to life. Learn how Blockchain provides value to advertisers and publishers while preserving personal anonymity.

The art of the perfect ad, for you

Explore the edge where programmatic data meets dynamic creative to create a more custom advertising experience. See how performance marketing of the future will hinge on this fusion of art and science in an applied art experiment featuring a Paramount Feature Film.

Photography mad lib

Roll up your sleeves in our studio experiment where you’ll participate in a photography mad lib process that will create original content and publish in real-time to a live curated Instagram.

Interested in trying out the experiences yourself? Join us at the Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Avenue) from 3 pm - 6 pm. RSVP here, but remember than an Innovation or Premium badge is required for entry and can be purchased here